We are eagerly awaiting meeting your daughters and spending the upcoming 3 weeks together!! Before your first day, here are some important things for parents and campers to know:



Camp days and hours are as follows:

Monday-Wednesday: 9 AM- 3:30 PM

Thursday: 9 AM- 5:00 PM

Friday:  9 AM- 2:00 PM


Drop off:

Please drop off your children at the front of the building – 70 Sterling Street, the girls will go up the stairs to the left if facing the building There will be staff and signs to direct you and your children to the correct area.   The girls should report to the ballroom where we will be gathering each morning to start our day with tefilla.

In a case where a camper is dropped off after 9:15 AM, please park and walk your child into the building and meet the group in the ballroom.  In a case where you are aware in advance that your child will be brought in late (i.e a doctor’s appointment) or picked up at any time other than regular dismissal, please email malchusgirls@gmail.com to make the counselors aware.


Pick up:   

Please pick up your children on 70 Sterling Place, at the Teaneck Jewish Center, where they will be dropped off in the morning.   Please be prompt with pick up times.

We are dedicated to the safety and security of all the children.  Please help us by following the carpool line and being ready. Children will not be dismissed until their carpool is called. If there is a need for an early or change in regular pick up, please contact Adina Wiener  or Rabbi Hoff and let one of them know as soon as possible.


Items for camp:

Please be sure that your daughter brings a Siddur (Artscroll chinuch edition preferred)

to camp at the beginning of each week, labeled with camper’s name. This can be left in camp for the week in the classrooms we will be using.

On a DAILY BASIS the following items should be packed in the campers bags:

  1. Bathing suit
  2. Towel
  3. Water shoes/flip flops
  4. Water bottle/bottles
  5. Sun tan lotion for when we are outdoors
  6. Baseball glove if signed up for softball elective
  7. Yoga mat (optional for fitness) –  can be left in camp for the week

Please be reminded that ALL items should be labeled with your daughter’s name.


Dress code:

The dress code for all girls is skirts and shirts with sleeves.  Please come to camp in sneakers as sneakers are mandatory footwear for these activities.



Please be aware that our camp is a nut free environment. ALL food brought to camp must be peanut free and safe for those with nut allergies.


Activities for camp:

In addition to the schedule on our website and the calendar attached, all girls will be given an opportunity to sign up for weekly sports electives.  Girls will asked to sign up for one elective per week using this form : Malchus Girls Elective Form.  Forms must be filled out the Thursday night before camp.

This year the girls can sign up for sports electives in advance and there will be weekly baking, arts and crafts, Fitness with Tiffany and special events for everyone!



Camp Malchus Girls is excited to announce weekly trips!  In order for your daughter to participate in the trip, the waivers must be filled out in advance.  Please fill out the following form for both Camp Malchus to know internally if your daughter will be attending a trip as well as required from the venue in order for your daughter to be able to participate in the trip:  Malchus Girls Trip and Waiver form



Please be aware that medications will not be administered in camp or during camp hours. If there is a need for a child to receive medication it should be given at home before they arrive in camp.  If there is a situation where medication must be administered in the middle of the day, please contact Adina Wiener about the specific situation.



We have hired top-notch counselors to spend time with your daughters each day. They are committed to the daily entertainment and safety of your daughter.  As such, the recommended tip for each counselor per child is $10/week attended.



We will make it our primary responsibility to be in touch with you as needed.  Please be sure to check your emails for exciting announcements, newsletters, photos and videos to see the great activities in camp.  All forms will be available on the website.

In addition, please be sure to fill out the forms sent each Thursday night in preparation for the upcoming week.  You will receive any upcoming information AND the lunch menu form which must be filled out for the next week’s hot lunch.

As always please feel free to reach out to us anytime with any questions or concerns:

Adina Wiener 201-921-0494 OR malchusgirls@gmail.com

Looking forward to a fantastic summer!

Adina Wiener

Camp Malchus Girls Head Counselor