Meet Our Staff

Rabbi Hoff, Director, is a beloved mechanech who has a wide breadth of experience with children with over two decades of involvement in camping and teaching. He has been involved in formal and informal education as he has held positions as youth director, head counselor, camp director, and classroom Rebbe. Rabbi Hoff’s students and campers greatly benefit from his warmth and excitement for all types of learning. He is passionate about education and has a sincere desire to bring out success in every child.

Mrs. Adina Wiener joins the Camp Malchus team as Girls Camp Head Counselor after spending the past 10 years in the Poconos at Camp Dina, where she worked for 3 years as Director of Sports and then the past 7 years as Director of Operations, responsible for the day to day running of the camp.  Camp and working with children have always been Adina’s passion, who has worked in day camps since high school in the capacity of counselor, sports counselor, and division head and then in sleepaway camp more recently.   During the year, Adina is an occupational therapist working with children K-5 in the Department of Education of NYC and is the Assistant Rebbetzin at Congregation Rinat Yisrael.  As an avid exerciser and runner, as well as someone who enjoys needle-pointing and baking, Adina’s goal is to provide a fun balance of sports and electives to empower and instill confidence in the young ladies attending Camp Malchus for Girls.